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Friday, 14 February 2020 06:37

The Coronavirus and Open Borders

Written by John P. Warren
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What no one is talking about yet is the direct linkage between pandemic diseases and uncontrolled immigration. In fact, no Democrat-Progressive-Socialist candidate for POTUS has been asked a question about it. Here’s one: “If you were elected to the presidency, how would you and your party, which favors open borders, justify such a policy given a threat like the Coronavirus?”

To put today’s crisis in perspective, let’s recall a few facts about the SARS outbreak of 2003-2004. According to the CDC, the SARS outbreak produced about 8,100 infections worldwide and a bit less than 800 deaths. The UK’s National Health Service places the SARS virus origination in China in 2002.

Fast forward to February 13, 2020. China has confirmed 59,000 infections and 1300 deaths from the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan. And that’s just in its own country. This sleeping dragon went from nothing to a pandemic in less than a month, yet the World Health Organization—at the beginning—kowtowed to China in its obsequious praise for what has turned out to be a feeble early response to Coronavirus. The only uniting theme for on-air journalists is their fairly common assertion that China’s reporting on this deadly threat is likely under-accurate, to put it politely.

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