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Thursday, 13 February 2020 22:17

Why the 2020 presidential campaign polls are misleading

Written by John Ziegler
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One of the biggest mistakes that political analysts, especially those who spend a lot of time on Twitter, often make is they assume voters are as engaged in the process as they, or their audiences, are.

The reality is that, largely due to media fragmentation, the “average” (more accurately, “median”) voter is even less educated in comparison to us news junkies, who have never had more information instantly available than what we can easily ­access today.

Consequently, at least half of the massive electorate for a presidential general election has been, whether we like it or not, paying very little, if any, attention to the race at this point. Any information they have gleaned from all the media coverage of specifically the Democratic contest has been largely by accident, and their base of knowledge would be roughly that of what the least enthusiastic person at the Super Bowl party you just attended possessed about the ­Kansas City Chiefs.

This is why, watching the Democratic race unfold as a Never Trump conservative who is solely rooting for someone reasonable who can prevent President Trump from obtaining a second term, is so incredibly frustrating. It is obvious that the vast majority of Democrats simply want to know who the best person for that job is, but through very little fault of their own, they are not being given the proper information with which to make that critical ­deter­mination.

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